"I had a sports massage with Jemma, on recommendation, after three weeks of throbbing and aching in my arm with tendonitis and the doctor only advising me to take ibuprofen. She was REALLY knowledgeable and identified the issue and problem zone right away moving down my muscles and applying pressure on the knots. Woke up the next day with no pain for the first time in weeks and now at the end of the day the only pain I have is a dull aches at the base of my thumb and a little around my shoulder. Really impressed 🙂
The pressure was pretty subtle during the massage but was evidently effective!"

R. Medina 16/10/14

"I had a deep tissue / sports massage with Jemma, which was just fantastic!
I had massage like this a few years ago at a different massage place and it was extremely painful, therefore I was very dubious about trying it once more.
I am however very glad I did, as this massage was completely different and helped my problem with my shoulder immensely.
Not once was the massage painful like I had experienced in the past - maybe mildly uncomfortable at times due to my injury, but that soon stopped, due to the fab knowledge and experience by Jemma.
I have already booked my next appointment and am looking forward to it.
My shoulder feels much better and I know the next treatment will just add to the healing process.

I would definitely recommend!!"

V. Nation 26/08/14

"The was the best massage I have had for ages (and I have a lot of them). The therapists magic hands sorted out my dodgy back."

H. Herbert 06/09/13

"The therapy was my first massage after a very bad experience and it certainly helped me to feel relaxed and to get rid of some of my tension. I will be returning for another massage."

S. Allison 22/08/13

"The massage was tailored to your needs. Jemma is training in Clinical massage which really helped my back pain"

R. De Masi 22/08/13

"Had another amazing massage with Jemma, focusing on my neck and back which are always a problem.. I now feel like butter. Magic hands! Thanks again."

L. Isaacs 18/09/13

"I have been training for a 62 mile charity walk from London to Brighton. I am a complete beginner at long distance endurance challenges and dodge most types of exercise. My first few medium distance training walks ended in crippling aches, pains and strains and I kept rolling over on my right ankle. 
I contacted Jemma and arranged a sports massage and consultation - on training and preparation. Following a full assessment Jemma suggested i would benefit from Rock Taping and regular massage treatments. She also gave me some stretching exercises for pre and post exercise which have really helped. 
Jemma has an in depth knowledge of human anatomy, but was able to explain to me in laymans terms what the treatments were for and how they were helping - without making me feel like I should know my own body better. 
With her help I now understand what is going on and how to recognise any potential problems that might arise whilst I am training. 
Since starting treatments I am now walking 40 miles and recovering quickly; using Rock Tape I have a better posture while walking and no longer have the problem with my ankle. 
A massive thank you to Jemma for all her support and assistance with my challenge! I hope you are going to be at one of the check points with the other therapists!! Ill see you on 24th for final Rock Taping and pre event massage!"

R. Doe 13/05/13

"Hi Jemma,

Thank you so much for your hard work on Sunday! 
I really appreciated having you there and I have received lots of fantastic feedback from our runners saying how much they appreciated the opportunity to have a massage. 

It's wonderful for us to be able to offer our supporters this on the day experience, and we really couldn't do it without the help of volunteers like you.
I hope you enjoyed the day too - thank you for your enthusiasm in supporting WaterAid and for giving up your time to come down and help us make it a really special day."

L. Scarlett – Events Officer Water Aid – Brighton Marathon 22/04/13

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you Jemma for the treatment and advice you gave me before and after the Brighton half marathon. You were able to assess the issues in my ham string and hip easily. The massage and stretches you did worked fantastically and the exercises you suggested for me to do during training also eased the problem. On race day - thanks to the massage you gave me two days before - I didn't have any pain or twinges and was able to run the whole race without any problems. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others :)"

C. Felgate 07/03/13

"We have both benefited a great deal from having sessions with Jemma, these treatments are not just for the young and sporty, they work just as well for the old and creaky and help us both to enjoy an active retirement."

C. and D. Archer 31/08/12