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Clinical Massage Brighton

The Jing Advanced Massage and Myofascial Pain Clinic

A unique therapy centre in central Brighton, the Jing clinic is the treatment centre of the renowned Jing Advanced Massage Training School. The clinic is located at: Rear Office, 6 St George's Place, Brighton, BN1 4GA (not at Bond St).

"Almost 10 million Britons suffer pain almost daily resulting in a major impact on their quality of life and more days off work." (British Pain Society)

"The TUC reported that British businesses lose an estimated 4.9 million days to employee absenteeism through work related back pain." (British Pain Society)

"The costs of back pain alone account for 20% of the UK's total health expenditure." (National Pain Audit)

While pain is a good thing (it is our most sophisticated protective mechanism and keeps us alive), it can get in the way of us leading a full and active life. In fact the number one reason people visit the GP in the UK is for back pain and sadly many of them just end up trying to live with it.

You don't have to live with pain!!

Clinical Massage is a non-invasive bodywork therapy that aims to facilitate your bodies own healing through manual therapy, exercise and education. Everyone is an individual and going to be affected by their injury/pain condition in different ways Clinical Massage is a bespoke treatment plan based around the Eastern medical approach of treating the person and not the symptoms, putting you back in control of your recovery.

Conditions Clinical Massage can help with:

  • Pain and disfunction
  • Non-specific low back pain
  • Disc pathologies
  • Postural problems
  • Shoulder pain and injury
  • Neck pain and injury
  • Hip pain and injury
  • Knee pain and injury
  • Anxiety
  • Depression